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Job opportunities


Use GM Access to find job opportunities within Greater Manchester.

Learning opportunities


Find out more about different learning opportunities that are available.

Career support


Explore the different career support that is available.

GM Workforce Connect

Greater Manchester Workforce Connect

GM Workforce Connect connects employers and people looking for work with job opportunities in General Practice. Find out about the plans to expand this service.

NHS Jobs

Access the latest job vacancies from NHS Jobs in each of the boroughs of Greater Manchester. 

Greater jobs

greater jobs logo

Access the latest public sector job vacancies from across the North West via

NHS Trust Job Boards


Access job vacancies published internally on Greater Manchester NHS Trust Job Boards.

GM Careers Hub

GM Health and Social Care Careers Hub logo

The GM Health and Social Care Careers Hub supports people looking for careers across the health and social care sector.

Step into Care

Elderly care

Step into Care recruits key workers in adult social care in Greater Manchester.