Connections, Accessibility and Empowerment

Greater Manchester Access is a single point of contact, combining information on job vacancies, learning opportunities and career development support for individuals within Greater Manchester.

Our aim is to empower individuals by providing a digital platform. This will provide signposting to the latest job vacancies across Greater Manchester, whilst providing a central hub with access to a wealth of career development information. The hub will provide individuals with tools and guidance to enhance career opportunities within the Health and Social Care environment.

We’re here to help you connect and empower you to design and develop your career pathway.

a Job Seeker
  • an Employee
  • an Employer
  • a Job Seeker
  • a Parent
  • a Student
  • a Teacher
looking for
a career in Health Care
  • a career in Health Care
  • a career in Social Care
  • a career in Health or Social Care
  • Job opportunities
  • a Job in the NHS
  • a Job in Social Care
  • Apprenticeships
  • Career support
  • a Kickstart Placement
  • information about Step into Care
  • information about Volunteering
a Doctor
  • Healthcare
  • an Allied Health Professional
  • an Ambulance Services worker
  • a Dentist
  • a Doctor
  • a Health Informatics worker
  • a Health Care Scientist
  • a Health Care Support Worker
  • a Manager
  • a Medical Associate Professional
  • a Midwife
  • a Nurse
  • a Pharmacist
  • a Psychological Professional
  • a Public Health worker
  • a member of a Wider Health Care Team

Careers support


Explore the different career support that is available.

Health care careers


Get started by exploring the health care careers that are available.

Social care careers

Ancillary roles

Find out more about the different social care careers that are available.



Use GM Access to find job opportunities within Greater Manchester.

Health and wellbeing

Psychological Professions

Find out about the various health and wellbeing resources for you in the workplace.

GM Cancer Academy

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Learn about the workforce training and education services provcided by the Greater Manchester Cancer Academy.