Multi Disciplinary Team Coordinator

Introduction to the role

The MDT Coordinator works within a Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) to coordinate the care of cancer patients. They are responsible for ensuring that all relevant information is gathered and shared between the different members of the team, so that they can make informed decisions about the best course of treatment for each patient.

The MDT Coordinator plays a vital role in the healthcare setting and there is a growing need for these roles across the NHS. If you are interested in a career in cancer care, this is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families.

MDT Coordinator Rosie Meronti
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Case study

This brief video published by the Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance explains the role of an Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) Coordinator in caring for patients with cancer.

MDT coordinators discussing a patients care

Career development pathway

Cancer MDT Coordinators are typically required be educated to Educated to NVQ level 3 or equivalent. They should also have experience in working with cancer patients and their families.

Some employers may also require Cancer MDT Coordinators to have specific qualifications, such as a diploma in cancer care or a certificate in cancer coordination.

Job description example

The specific duties of a Cancer MDT Coordinator can vary depending on the team. Typical duties include managing the patient’s care pathway – tracking the patient’s progress through the different stages of their treatment and ensuring that they attend all necessary appointments.

The MDT Coordinator also organises and coordinates MDT meetings – preparing the agenda, inviting the relevant team members, and taking minutes. They will also support with managing the MDT’s administrative workload, such as booking appointments, arranging transport, and processing paperwork.

A key role involves gathering and collating patient information, including collecting medical records, test results, and other relevant information from the patient’s GP, other healthcare providers, and the patient themselves. The MDT Coordinator will provide continuous communication with patients and their families, answering questions and providing support and signposting to resources

The MDT Coordinator also play’ a pivotal role ensuring that clinicians are made aware of breach dates and attempts to ensure that the timeframes are adhered to.

Multi Disciplinary Team meeting to discuss a patients oncology care
MDT coordinator Martin Cunliffe
Multi Disciplinary Team meeting to discuss a patients oncology care