Direct care


Direct care roles involve directly working with people who need care and support. There are many roles including Activities Workers, Advocacy Workers, Care Workers, Personal Assistants and Rehabilitation Workers.

Activities Workers organise social activities for people who need care and support and support them to take part. They are usually based in care homes or day centres, but you could also work in someone’s home or the community.

Advocacy Workers support vulnerable people to make decisions and have their voice heard when decisions are being made about their lives. They secure people’s rights, such as accessing services and ensure that people are involved in their own care and support planning.

Care Workers can work in a care home, in people’s own homes or in the community. Care workers who work in the community are sometimes called domiciliary carers which often involves travelling to different people’s houses.

Personal Assistants work directly with one or more individuals to help them with various aspects of their daily life, to help them live as independently as possible.

Rehabilitation Workers support people to live independently, often following an illness or accident, and help them access support with housing, finance, social activities and life skills such as cooking or budgeting

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There are many different management roles in social care. Use the links below to explore more about each of the management roles on the Skills for Care website.

Videos and case studies

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Darren Sewell Mental Health Support Worker

Darren works as a mental health support worker in a residential care home for people with mental health conditions.

Phil Hodgson Business Support Officer

Phil is a business support officer for Shared Lives South West.

Teresa Walker Shared Lives Carer

Teresa is a shared lives carer with Shared Lives South West.

Kelly and Elem Personal Assistants

Kelly and Elem are PAs and support an elderly woman with dementia to live in her own home.

Rob and Caroline Personal Assistants

Robert and Caroline are PAs and support Claire, who has a learning disability, to live at home and go out in the community.

Sue Cash Personal Assistants

Sue is a PA and supports Marta, who has a physical disability called freidrichs ataxia, to live independently.

Mo Hussain Personal Assistants

Mo is a PA and supports Helen, a young woman with a learning disability, to live everyday life the way she wants.

Tuija and Charlotte Personal Assistants

Tuija and Charlotte are PAs and support Sheena who has advanced dementia, to live at home.

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