Health and wellbeing

Organisations that promote health and wellbeing support can help to create cultures where people feel heard and valued, and in which diversity is respected. This should, in turn, encourage us all to pass care and compassion on to each other, to patients and to our families.

Health and wellbeing conversations should consider the whole wellbeing of an individual including physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, lifestyle and safety needs. The conversations should identify areas where the individual may need support, signpost them to that support and regularly monitor their wellbeing over time.

GM Wellbeing Toolkit

The Greater Manchester Wellbeing Toolkit is an interactive online toolkit to help support you to be your best. The toolkit provides advice on keeping well physically, practically and psychologically.

GM Healthwork Hub

The GM Healthwork Hub provides an open information source for and by the groups of people working on improving Greater Manchester’s health and social care services.

GM Keep well

Whether you’re growing up, getting on, or growing older in Greater Manchester, there’s lots of advice, ideas and services to help you live your life to the healthiest.

Health and wellbeing resources for all

Greater Manchester Resilience Hub

The Greater Manchester Resilience Hub offers a wellbeing screening programme and a range of support including:

  • Support for all health and care workers
  • Individual wellbeing support
  • Facilitated peer support
  • Further support for managers and leaders
  • Further support for BAME staff
  • Families of health and care workers
  • Bereavement support
  • Communications toolkit
Greater Manchester Wellbeing Toolkit

The Greater Manchester Wellbeing Toolkit is an interactive online toolkit to help support you to be your best. The toolkit provides advice on keeping well physically, practically and psychologically, as well as top tips on how you can support those around you and seek help for yourself or someone you know when it’s needed. Whether you work on site or work from home, or a mixture of the two, there are guides on introducing a ‘Buddy Network’ in your team, a debriefing guide to help you make the transition from work to home at the end of the day, as well as tips for improving your sleep and reducing stress.

The toolkit is divided into three sections:

  • Looking after yourself – practical tools and tips on how to build our physical and mental resilience.
  • Supporting others – guides and tools to help you support others, either as a a manager or on a peer to peer basis.
  • Responding to need – information on where to seek help when you need it – both online and more personal depending on what works best for you
GreaterSport Active Workplace Toolkit

The Greater Sport Active Workplace Toolkit

GreaterSport and their trusted partners are running a series of workshops to support workplace health and wellbeing. As well as events on being an Active Workplace, you can expect sessions on the psychology of work and support for employers as the world starts to get back to normal after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Health and Wellbeing Champions

NHS England and NHS Improvement have worked with a number of NHS colleagues to develop an optional e-learning module for Health and Wellbeing Champions to complete, to support them in understanding the remit of their role.  This training can be accessed on the e-Learning for Health website.

Health and Wellbeing Champions can also access ongoing support through a dedicated space on the NHS Futures site.

Health and wellbeing resources for NHS staff

NHS Practitioner Health

Practitioner Health is a free, confidential NHS mental health treatment service with expertise in treating healthcare professionals. The service can help with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. We also see healthcare professionals with more severe illnesses, such as bipolar affective disorder, personality disorders and psychosis and with a range of addiction issues.

NHS Wellbeing support offers

The NHS People Plan and the NHS People Promise outlines a number of key programmes that are in place to assist organisations to develop culture of wellbeing, in which their workforce feel supported and well at work. Fins out more about these programmes on the NHS Health and Wellbeing page.

Supporting Our NHS People

Supporting Our NHS People helps NHS workers to manage their own health and wellbeing while looking after others. Find out more aboit the resources available on their website.

NHS Employers Health and Wellbeing Framework

The NHS Employers Health and Wellbeing Framework sets out the standards for supporting staff to feel well, healthy and happy at work.

This framework is an interactive document that makes the case for staff health and wellbeing, sets out clear actionable steps and provides guidance on how organisations can understand what good health and wellbeing looks like and what can be achieved.

Wellbeing Support for People working in Primary Care

This document outlines dedicated support for colleagues working in Primary Care. Open the document here: Wellbeing Support for People working in Primary Care.

GM Rest and Relaxation Centre

A new rest and relaxation centre for frontline NHS staff has opened at the Etihad Campus tp provide staff with a safe space to unwind during the COVID pandemic. The Rest and Relaxation is in the National Squash Centre and can be easily accessed by public transport or car, with parking available on site. The new centre will be open 7:30am-10:00pm. For your safety and protection the site is being cleaned throughout the day to NHS standards.

  • Facilities will include:
    • Quiet rooms and chill out spaces
    • Free WiFi
    • Running track
    • Exercise facilities set in 4 meters of space
    • Changing rooms, lockers and shower
    • Café
      • Breakfast – hot and cold choices 8:30am – 10:30am
      • Lunch and Dinner – Hot and cold meals served from 12:00pm – 7:00pm
      • Snacks, fruit, tea, coffee and cold drinks served throughout the day
    • Working space and meeting room
  • Getting there:
    • Parking: There is free parking outside the National Squash Centre
    • Bus: From Piccadilly, no.216 bus to Etihad Stadium and is approximately 3 minute walk to centre.
    • Tram: You can catch a tram from St Peter’s Square to the Etihad Campus on the Ashton-under-Lyne line.
    • The Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) website contains route planners, to find your way from anywhere in Manchester, as well as downloadable timetables.

Leaflet: Thank You NHS staff


Looking After You Too

Looking After You Too

NHS England are keen to ensure all staff delivering frontline primary care services feel supported to maintain their psychological wellbeing during this time, enabling them to maintain the delivery of frontline primary care.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching support is available with a highly skilled and experienced coach. This will be a space for you to offload the demands of whatever you are experiencing and be supported in developing practical strategies for dealing with this. 

#LookingAfterYourTeam coaching

The new #LookingAfterYourTeam coaching offer is also available for those who lead, manage or organise a team or group in primary care. If you have already taken the first steps to look after yourself, you may find this offer to support your teams of interest.

Blue Light Card

The Blue Light Card is a discount service for the emergency services, NHS, social care sector and armed forces, providing our members with thousands of amazing discounts online and on the high street.

For £4.99, members of the blue light community can register for 2-years access to more than 15,000 discounts from large national retailers to local businesses across categories such as holidays, cars, days out, fashion, gifts, insurance, phones, and many more.

Health and wellbeing resources for social care staff

Skills for Care


Skills for Care offer a service to find health and wellbeing resources for managers and staff, as well as tools to build resilience.

Support for registered managers

Find dedicated support and information Skills for Care recommend for all registered managers and front-line managers during the COVID-19 pandemic.