Finding the most efficient ways to attract new people into the system with an increasingly limited talent pool isn’t always easy. This section shares some of the solutions to the recruitment issues we are currently facing. It’s aimed at helping us think differently about our approaches and break the norms of organisational culture.

Inclusive recruitment

Sometimes, we don’t always get it right when it comes to equality and inclusion best practice. Inclusive recruitment is a strategic approach that has been shown to enable inclusion by considering how different backgrounds, approaches and thinking styles can help deliver innovative services and develop the organisation into one that reflects the diversity of the population it serves.

Readiness to work

It’s important everybody who enters the workforce is fully prepared and supported into their new role. This section shares some of the tools and opportunities that are helping people join the health and social care workforce.

Shortlisting and selection

In some organisations, shortlisting and selection can take up valuable time and lead to candidates dropping out if it takes too long. This section provides best practice advice for making the process as efficient as possible and achieving overall recruitment and retention success.


It’s vital that when candidates start their new role, they have the best possible start and are provided with all the support they need. A well-designed onboarding programme can help new employees to learn about the organisations’ culture, policies, and procedures. It can also help them to meet their colleagues and build relationships. This can lead to increased productivity, engagement, and retention.