Progress in Greater Manchester


NHS Greater Manchester recognises the value of having a diverse workforce – it can help address health inequality gaps and provide the best possible working environment and culture for staff.

Workforce patterns and trends analysis have shown that workforce diversity is improving within Greater Manchester, but more traction is required in order to sustain significant progress.

Numerous initiatives are taking place across Greater Manchester in response to this, including:

  • A 10-point plan that contains aspirational targets aimed at increasing workforce diversity. It also includes actions aimed at closing disparity gaps and providing better training for staff around inclusive recruitment
  • An inclusive team focused on Greater Manchester ICS
  • Inclusive recruitment training
  • TRAC has inbuilt systems to reduce bias etc

Takeaway tips

Follow the takeaway tips outlined below to promote more inclusive recruitment within your own organisation.

Complete an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) before launching a new service or project

This will help establish if your plans are likely to have a positive or negative impact on protected groups and enable you to make any proactive changes beforehand. (see resources section below for downloadable templates & guidance)

Screen job descriptions and person specifications

To make sure they don’t contain any discriminatory information that could be seen as a barrier to people who are interested in applying for a role. For example:

Advertise your roles within the local community

This is a great way to find new candidates, who may not usually find your advertised posts through traditional channels.

Make sure you have diverse recruitment panel

This is a fundamental requirement for making sure all recruitment practices are inclusive and structured interviews take place.

Continuously track your diversity data

In relation to applications, appointments and internal progression promotions. In doing so, you’ll be able to identify if there are any gaps and if further intervention is required.

Have inclusive recruitment champions

Who are responsible for making sure inclusive recruiting practices are maintained, monitored and improved.

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