About this toolkit

In Greater Manchester numerous organisations are facing increased recruitment and retention challenges that are leading to high staff turnover rates and difficulties with filling key vacancies.


  • Attraction – finding the most efficient ways to attract new people into the system with an increasingly limited talent pool isn’t always easy
  • Inclusive recruitment – sometimes, we don’t always get it right when it comes to equality and inclusion best practice
  • Readiness to work – it’s important everybody who enters the workforce is fully prepared and supported into their new role
  • Shortlisting and selection – in some organisations, this process can take up valuable time and lead to candidates dropping out if it takes too long
  • Onboarding – it’s vital that when candidates start their new role, they have the best possible start and are provided with all the support they need


  • Flexible working – offering flexible shift patterns to staff to help improve their work-life balance can be tricky when there are challenging rotas that need filling
  • Support and preceptorship – starting a new role can be daunting and isolating and lead to higher turnover rates if adequate support isn’t provided
  • Wellbeing – with staff burnout rates on the rise and generational changes in the outlook to work-life balance changing, prioritising staff wellbeing can help improve retention rates and the resilience of our future workforce
  • Talent management – it can be difficult to find the time to support staff to grow and develop, but it is key to ensuring the future sustainability of our workforce and developing their knowledge and skills
  • Exit – understanding why staff are leaving is vital to helping improve conditions for the current and future workforce

There’s a wealth of information out there in relation to the challenges listed above, and this toolkit is designed to collate all of the insight into one, easy-to-access platform. This toolkit contains practical tools, including videos, case studies and links to resources, all aimed at helping you improve the recruitment processes within your organisation.

Who can use the toolkit?

This toolkit is aimed at colleagues working in health and care in Greater Manchester, who are responsible for implementing or improving recruitment processes and/or the overall experience of the workforce and retaining their staff.

It has been designed via a web-based platform that only staff can access. It’s being regularly updated with new information as new learning and insight becomes available. Therefore, the first iteration initially focuses on providing practical support and sharing recruitment best practice, with plans to widen the scope over time.

We hope you find this toolkit useful. If you have any queries, please contact GM.Workforce@nhs.net.