Apprenticeships provide routes into many Health and Social Care careers and are an excellent way to gain experience and qualifications.

During a Health and Social Care apprenticeship you will be studying and working in paid employment. You will have responsibilities working as part of a team in a great organisation and you’ll develop new skills. Your team will be there to support you as you continue to learn and grow.

Benefits of an apprecticeship

  • Get paid – While studying for a qualification you’ll be earning a wage – rates vary between organisations.
  • Gain qualifications – By the end of your apprenticeship you will have an accredited qualification such as a BTEC.
  • Chance of permanent position – Some employers will guarantee a paid position when you complete your apprenticeship, others may offer interviews for positions. You’ll also make connections in the organisation and they may contact you for future openings.
  • Attractive to employers – A candidate who has already worked in a department or organisation and has experienced practical elements of a role can be more attractive to recruitment managers than someone with no experience.

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