Step Into Care

Step into Care is an online adult social care recruitment programme, and the ultimate goal is to recruit talented and compassionate key workers in Greater Manchester.


Step into Care is a six-week programme, which will give you the initial skills you need to pursue a career in social care.

Skills and qualifications

You will gain employability skills and have the opportunity to gain qualifications, such as Level 1 awards in Mental Health and Stress Awareness, and a Level 2 Award in The Introduction to Health and Social Care.

Career opportunities

Upon completing the six-week training programme and voluntary placement, you may be offered a temporary or permanent paid position.

Personal achievement

Adult social care is an extremely rewarding job. Through Step into Care, you can make a tangible positive impact on people’s lives.

Adult social care

Adult social care describes all forms of personal care and other practical assistance for adults who need extra support.

You could be assisting adults who live in residential care homes, nursing homes, or supporting their living at home.

Elderly care

Changing people’s lives

It’s demanding work, but also very rewarding. You’ll be helping people to maintain their dignity and improving their quality of life every day. The most important thing is not your age, nor your background, but your values, behaviours and attitudes. Those things are what make a successful adult social care worker.

More information and next steps can be found on the GM Health & Social Care Careers Hub.